Soup Restaurant

  • Date

    Sep 2020

  • Type

    Logo Design

  • Tools

    Adobe AI

The goal of this project is to use type treatment to design a logo for one of the following words: soup, meat, fish, and drinks. The design should be good both in a black and white version and a colored version. I decided to design for the word: soup.


I experimented with pathfinders using different types and came up with six different designs. However, I eliminated most of them due to their low readability in a black and white setting. I was hesitant between the designs on the second row. Although it is not required, the first design feels more related to the “soup” word itself. The positive and negative space makes it look like two bowls. This design suits a modern restaurant. The second design gives the impression of wind blowing a tree, which may suit a clean energy company.

Soup Restaurant Drafts

Final Design

I decided to use the first design on the second row for as my final design. I chose colors that look refreshing for a restaurant.

Soup Restaurant Final