Bon Voyage & Far

  • Date

    Oct 2020

  • Type

    Poster Design

  • Tools

    Adobe PS

The goal of this project is to design two posters that are related. I decided to work on the songs that the K-pop idol YooA released for her solo debut.


I chose the songs Bon Voyage and Far to be my design subjects. The theme of the Bon Voyage MV is about YooA being the daughter of nature. The song also has ethereal and natural vibes. One of the shots is YooA walking through a dark forest, where a blue light shines through the woods, which is my inspiration for the Bon Voyage poster.

I got the inspiration for the Far poster from the lyrics of the song. YooA mentioned that she wants to get far away to a beach where no one knows. This song is about her trying to find her true self by resonating with the ocean. The alternative name of this song, Find Me, also foreshadows the theme.

Bon Voyage and Far Inspiration 1Bon Voyage and Far Inspiration 2
Bon Voyage and Far Inspiration 3Bon Voyage and Far Inspiration 4

Design Thinking

I found this blue mountain photo for the Bon Voyage poster that corresponds with the MV shot I described earlier. I layered the forest on top of the title that I typed along the treetops. It looks as if the title is running through the woods.

Since the lyrics mentioned finding true self in the ocean, I used a beach photo in birds-eye-view for the Far poster. The way I placed the title is similar to what I did for the Bon Voyage poster. In contrast, it creates a visual a visual effect of looking down into the ocean and seeing reflections.

Bon Voyage and Far Final 1Bon Voyage and Far Final 2